4 Features Your Bluetooth Speaker Should Have For An Enhanced Camping Experience

Bringing a speaker along on a camping trip is an excellent way to enhance your overall experience. You'll be able to clearly and easily listen to your favorite songs while making breakfast over the fire in the morning, or snuggle up to a scary movie in your tent when the sun goes down. But not just any speaker should be bought for camping – consider investing in a Bluetooth speaker. These handy gadgets offer a variety of features that are sure to enhance your overall camping experience. Following are four important features to look for:

A Solar Power Supply

If your Bluetooth speaker is solar powered, you won't have to worry about bringing along a power source to keep it working throughout your camping trip. Save your vehicle's power supply for your cell phone or tablet without the risk of running out of speaker power. At night you can watch movies or listen to music under the stars and hear every word no matter how loud those crickets and frogs lurking nearby might be.

USB Connectivity

USB connectivity can come in handy if it's especially cloudy or rainy while you camp and your solar speaker set up has to be kept in the tent all day. You can just plug your Bluetooth speaker into a USB power port or a laptop and charge it up throughout the evening so it's easier to hear your favorite media. With multiple power options at your hands, you should never be left having to put your media device up to your ear in order to hear what's going on.

Your new speaker should also have at least one USB port featured on it so you can charge a cell phone or alarm clock without having to drain your vehicle's battery or carry around a secondary power source or solar panel.

A Waterproof Encasement

It's important to make sure that your new Bluetooth speaker is waterproof so it doesn't end up getting ruined if a rogue rain comes through or if it gets dropped in the mud. And if your speaker is waterproof, you can confidently take it with you when fishing at the lake or boating down the river during your camping trip.

Extra Bass Functionality

Not only will extra bass functionality improve your music and movie experience, but it will help ensure that you're still able to hear what is going on over neighbor campers' generators and parties. And you'll be able to listen to your media in your tent without having to hear every word that the kids are saying outside – the bass will muffle their conversation and allow you to focus on your movie or meditation soundtrack.