Got Water? 2 Common Water Well Problems

Homeowners who have their own private well typically don't give much thought to their well unless it fails to provide water, or the water quality goes down. Well water quality should be tested annually for contaminants and bacteria, such as E. coli, which is a bacterium caused by both animal and human waste. An annual well maintenance check should be done as well, but many homeowners fail to do this and don't call until there is a problem.

What Does A Septic Tank Inspection Achieve?

There are two different types of septic tank inspections, and both are important for a variety of reasons. If you've been putting it off because you think it's safe to wait until something is amiss or you're sure everything's perfectly fine with yours, here are five things that a septic tank inspection will achieve. Appease Your Mortgage Lender Performing a quick visual is one type of inspection that's done when buyers are considering purchasing a home or business.

4 Features Your Bluetooth Speaker Should Have For An Enhanced Camping Experience

Bringing a speaker along on a camping trip is an excellent way to enhance your overall experience. You'll be able to clearly and easily listen to your favorite songs while making breakfast over the fire in the morning, or snuggle up to a scary movie in your tent when the sun goes down. But not just any speaker should be bought for camping – consider investing in a Bluetooth speaker. These handy gadgets offer a variety of features that are sure to enhance your overall camping experience.